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Why the Dog Academy?

Our aim is to make life with your dog fun and enjoyable by helping you develop your relationship together.


How do we do this?


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Puppy training, we want to give you and your pup the best start in life so offer 1-2-1 puppy packages as well as regular group puppy classes.  These are aimed at giving you a solid foundation and great start to your life together.


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And it doesn’t stop there…


Moving into the teenage years…

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Jack Russel

Foundation and Focus

We don’t stop learning and neither do our dogs, often the "teenage period" with our dogs can be the most challenging.  Suddenly our perfect recall disappears, we may get lunging and barking on the lead and life isn’t so fun anymore.  We are here to help you through this stage and continue to build the skills to live happily together.


There is still more…

Graduate to employment…

Give Our Dog a Job!

The majority of our dogs were bred for generations to complete particular tasks and work alongside us.  Today many of the behavioural issues occur because our dogs are no longer employed in the job they were bred for.   At TDA we offer a range of activities so you can work with your dog giving him an outlet to do the job he was bred for in a positive way, getting the brain working and you having fun together.


So how do we get access to this?

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Member Benefits

  • 24/7 access to our members area.  Access to The Dog Academy (TDA) online resources bookings so enabling you to mange your bookings 24/7.

  • Priority booking – members have priority booking for all TDA classes included in the membership as well as priority on guest trainers and additional workshops.

  • TDA members have access to our mini online training courses.

  • Monthly challenge - TDA members have access to our fun monthly challenge, giving you inspiration and motivation to train at home. Certificates for successful completion!

  • Ongoing encouragement and support. As member of TDA you are invited to our online monthly Q&A.

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