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Proudly Own the BEST Cocker in the Park.?

Does your heart ever sink when it's time to take your dog for a walk?

Just getting out the door can be manic, your arm feels like it is getting longer as you are pulled down the road and your cocker nearly chocking, who knew such a small dog could pull so hard! 

Does letting them off the lead fill you with dread as you worry if they will come back?

Does your cocker forget you exist once their nose hits the ground?

Or maybe you are doing ok but would like some inspiration, support and fun

Problem is… this wasn’t the plan when you got your cocker

 You imagined lovely long walks in the woods, runs along the beach and snuggling up together on the sofa

If you are tired of … searching the internet, posted in Facebook pages, becoming so confused with all the information you end up doubting yourself.

Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and thinking this is it, this is life with your cocker

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Then you are not alone!

The Great news is we are here to help, our Crazy Cocker Club Membership is a membership community of cocker spaniel lovers
where you can be supported in your journey.

We take the stress out of your training and give you the support so you can have the “Best cocker spaniel in the park!”

Ready to inject fun and confidence back
into your life with your cocker?

We don’t have a magic pill for you because that doesn’t exist


We do have the next best thing!


Crazy Cocker Club!


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Crazy Cocker Club Member Benefits

• Weekly Quick Trick Session, so you can have fun and practice your training techniques

• Masterclass with video and resource support 

• Monthly “happier hour” class where we have a fun session training our dogs

• Twice a month Q&A


Access to the following homes Study Courses:

• Ways of Training - skilling you up to train your cocker
• Going for a walk
• Scentwork Fun - using our cockers natural talent!
• Gundog Games

• Rapid Recall
• Tricks masterclass
• Puppy foundations
• Brain Games

We will support your goals and celebrate your wins however small or large.


  1. I don't have the time, what if I fall behind? Everyone works at their own pace so there is no pressure. In fact it is important to work at your own dog's speed not that of others.

  2. What if it doesn't work for me and my dog? If you have any questions or are feeling stuck you are encouraged to share them in the Facebook group. You can also share videos for specific feedback. Together we will find a way for you to succeed. It is such a supportive community of understanding like minded people.

  3. What makes this training different from any others? This programme is breed specific so helps you understand your dog at his core. There is also a clear framework to help provide clarity with your training.

  4. Does online training really work? Alongside the online modules you get personalised help and feedback for your own training by posting in the group. There is also live Q&As to further support your learning and success. Online training also has the advantage of you being able to watch the trainings at times to suit you and as often as you like. Ask other Academy members about their successes.

  5. Is there a minimum term you have to join for? You can pay monthly and cancel at any time.

  6. Can I pay up front rather than monthly? Yes, there are two payment options either monthly or annually. The annual version gives you a discounted price.

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