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Crazy Cocker Club

Transforming your Crazy Cocker using positive reward based training

The Online Community for Cocker Owners!

Practical Training Resources,

Cocker Specific Advice,


Regular Q&A's


Ongoing online support for Crazy Cocker Club Members

who want to take their life with their Cocker to the next level!

Is walking your dog a nightmare?

  • Is getting out the front door a trial?

  • Does your arm feel like its getting longer as you are pulled down the road?

  • Does your Cocker chase other dogs, birds, squirrels?

  • Does you Cocker ignore their recall?

Or may be your Cocker struggles with:

  • Over excitement?

  • Not being able to settle?

  • Always on the go?

  • Lack of focus on you?

Then you are not alone!  We can help you!

We are here to help you, we can take the stress out of your training, give you the support so you can have the "best Cocker in the park"

What is the Crazy Cocker Club?

The Crazy Cocker Club provides clear, easy to follow videos and live support to guide you through training. Helping you to transform behaviour and enjoy life with your Crazy Cocker

Watch and follow the training at both yours and your dog’s pace. Re-watch the videos as many times as you need to.

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Online Training

Uploaded regularly to give you both the time and space you need to learn, apply and progress.

Live Q&A Sessions

Where you can ask questions and get extra support.


Access to a private community where you can connect with like-minded people. Share struggles, get support, and celebrate successes.

Live Training

Fun online training sessions for you and your cocker



The Crazy Cocker Club Membership
The Crazy Cocker Club Membership
Ninja, black cocker spaniel


Our newest recruit, Ninja joined the gang at the beginning of 2021

Emma, crazy cocker club instructor


I'm Emma, founder and trainer of the Crazy Cocker Club. Based on Exmoor I'm lucky enough to share my life with 2 Cockers and 3 Labradors.   

Tean, Crazy Cocker Club founding member


Teän , the original member of the Crazy Cocker Club!

What people are saying about us

This week we had 3 really lovely loose lead walks. Today I met an old friend for a walk. He hasn't seen milo for 9 months when he was rather unruly. Today milo was on best behaviour and he commented how different he was, he sniffed, checked in, Walked past other dogs to heal, recall was great. I came home a proud mummy indeed.

On top of that we had fun with the box!

Client feedback comments

Super pleased with these 2 today- they both went to work with my husband for the first time. They didn't bark or destroy their crates in the truck and stayed close to him in break times .

This completely looks like nothing but today both dogs stopped and watched the family of ducks without trying to get them

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